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About the Neyra academy Affiliate Program

  • We open up great opportunities for everyone
  • Ready-made advertising materials
  • High income, up to 20% at the start of sales
  • Permanent income from repeated purchases of customers you have attracted in Neyra market
  • Advisory support, news and notification of new products

Everyone can become a partner

From the personal page in the social network.networks to a large portal

Increase your income by creating benefits for humanity and the earth!



Becoming a partner is not difficult


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Track the actions of attracted users


Withdrawal of funds

Make payments to a bank card, Qiwi wallet, current account or as a self-employed person

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We bring together the best experts in the field of building a modern business, sustainable development and human transformation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What would you consider spam?

We are against sending spam and other intrusive ways to attract customers.
Types of spam that we prohibit:
automatic mailing to messengers: ICQ, Skype and others,
emails to people who are not subscribed to the newsletter,
automatic spam on forums and blogs,
spam in private messages in social networks and the use of any software when the number of participants in the group increases.
If you receive complaints about a partner who violates our rules, we will conduct an investigation and in case of detection of spam, the partner’s account will be permanently blocked, and the funds will be frozen without the possibility of withdrawal.

How are sales accounted for?

We use affiliate IDs and cookies to track purchases made through your link. User cookies are stored for 30 days. This means that even if the user made a purchase not immediately, but within a month after the first click on your link to , we will count the sale and you will receive a commission.

Who can participate in the affiliate program?
Participation in the affiliate program is suitable primarily for those who have access to the target audience interested in such topics as:
self-improvement and personal development.

How does it work?

By registering in the partner account, you will receive a unique affiliate link to Neyra Market products. This link helps our system to understand that a new user has come from you.

What is an affiliate program?

The Neyra academy affiliate program is your opportunity to earn good money on the products of our market, benefiting humanity.

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