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Изображение At Neyra Academy, we explore cutting-edge ideas in personal transformation and sustainability technology. We surround ourselves with people who inspire us

We are looking for team members who define themselves not only on the basis of their skills and experience, but also are creators, innovators. We want to know how to surround ourselves with such people!

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Life in the forest with Pavel Durov

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Life in the forest with Pavel Durov

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Life in the forest with Pavel Durov

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Life in the forest with Pavel Durov

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Life in the forest with Pavel Durov

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Изображение We are creating the most advanced cartoon industry platform in the world

Neyra Academy is a project that provides education for the future.

We strive to change the way we approach learning and life. We believe that humanity needs to take seriously the formation of the desired image of the future and focus on sustainable development.

The field of education and training is one of the most conservative, and often the training programs do not change for decades, which in turn greatly hinders the growth and development of civilization. This position seems to us to be a dead end. We all understand that no one can fully understand what professions will be in the future, but we know for sure that they will appear and change with great speed.

We are creating a new, unique format for data storage and transmission using advanced technologies to change the education and training systems in real time to the ever-changing global eco-economy.

In this sense, our main achievement will be the ability to ensure the preservation and evolution of skills across the planet in real time.

Our most important task is to change the course of human history. We have exponential technologies, but we need exponential growth of human consciousness and we know what to do.

To do this, we create a machine. A platform based on a completely new principle that will be able to guide each person to an optimal daily life, to promote them to their goals, best practices for health and well-being, and even to recommend them to other people with whom they need to communicate.

Изображение When you work at Neyra Academy, you change the course of human history

We are looking for world-class engineers

Join us to create the world's most advanced machine learning platform for transforming human consciousness and life

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