WOOCS v.2.3.5

First step 5

It will be useful for fifth graders to take a test to consolidate their knowledge during the school year. You will need to answer 5 questions and choose the correct one from the 4 suggested options. The task is designed to determine the knowledge of the formation of the text on the letter. The written narrative is divided into parts for better perception by the reader. The means for dividing the text is a paragraph, which is exactly what the test is dedicated to.

Whether the concept of the “red line” is fixed in memory, you also need to know. In German, the word “absetzen” means to move away.

In order that the thread of the narrative is not lost in the text, it is better to express the main idea in the first sentence of the part of the work after the indent. Further develop or explain it in several sentences. Thus, the paragraph is a literary device of the artist. It establishes a statistical connection between the sections, reinforces an individual emotion or image.

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